This Logo is not just of Sandy and I, but It’s both of us which makes me complete, at every step of success and achievement Sandy always stays beside me, we grew up together, live together and can feel each other completely. The Bond between us is unexplainable but it’s a same feeling which i feels with other animals, which has made me deep nature lover. “Sometimes I always say we enjoy Nature Together”.

Became addicted to nature in very young age, Grew up in Rajkot (INDIA) pursued Civil Engineer by profession and Wildlife/Nature Explorer by passion, I try to be in the wild as long as i can to understand how nature works and also get the self-satisfaction of observing and photographing nature with different emotions.

In 2008, I started with simple digital camera and try to capture common wildlife images for fun. As time went on forums, books, magazine, internet, animals channels made me more curious about wildlife and started spending most of my time photographing animals and noticing their behavior, my addiction forced me to buy DSLR and started serious photography in 2011, my work was appreciated by many national and International magazines and won many prestigious national and International awards too with Basic Camera Kits.

Thanks For stopping by! I will Regularly Updating My Images and my journey with nature so feel free to check for latest stuff anytime.

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